Benefits Of Private School

9 February 2018
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Every parent wants the best education for their child, and the place that a child goes to school can make a big difference. Even if the public schools in the area are acceptable, many parents consider private school. Private schools cost a lot of money, though. So what are the benefits of private school compared to public school? is it worth it? College Prep The ACT is a test that high school students must take before going to college. Read More 

4 Ways To Get Your Kid Ready For Kindergarten

15 November 2017
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You may have mixed emotions about sending your kid to kindergarten. While it is an exciting time to see them grow up and go to school, it can also bring feelings of concern. You may be worried about if your kid is truly ready to start their formal education and if there is anything you can do to help prepare for them for their first year. Here are some tips that will help give your child a head start on kindergarten. Read More 

Four Reasons To Choose Professional Daycare Over An In-Home Babysitter

3 October 2017
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When your child reaches the age of two or three, you may be considering returning to work, either full-time or part-time. Though it will still be hard to leave your child, your child is more able to be cared for by other adults at this stage. But you will have some decisions to make when it comes to childcare while you're at work. You could hire someone to babysit your child in your home or their home, or you could send your child to daycare. Read More 

Have Epilepsy And Not Doing Well On Tests? 2 Tips To Improve Your Memory

29 September 2017
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If you have epilepsy you may have memory problems due to the medication you take. If you have a seizure the night before a test, this can also affect your memory. Fortunately, there are things you can do to help your memory so you can get better grades on your tests. Below are two tips to help you get started. Take Care of Yourself Before you do anything else you need to take care of yourself. Read More 

3 Benefits Of Teacher Observations For Teachers

29 September 2017
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As a teacher, it is important to always push your own personal development. Each group of students you teach is unique and challenges you in new ways. That is why targeted teacher observations are so valuable. They can provide you with insight into how to adjust your teaching practices to best serve the students you are working with this year. Here are three ways your practice can benefit from outside teacher observation. Read More