Benefits Of Private School

9 February 2018
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Every parent wants the best education for their child, and the place that a child goes to school can make a big difference. Even if the public schools in the area are acceptable, many parents consider private school. Private schools cost a lot of money, though. So what are the benefits of private school compared to public school? is it worth it?

College Prep

The ACT is a test that high school students must take before going to college. The test is based out of 36 points and covers English, math, reading, science, and writing. A child's ACT score is one of the most important factor in determining if a college will accept them. Children in public schools scored a substantial 3.1 points lower on average than children in private schools. 

Class Size

Small class sizes mean that the teacher is able to give the children more individual attention. Private schools have smaller class sizes on average with 19 kids per class compared to 25 in public schools. 

Religion Influence

Public schools must adhere to the idea of a separation of church and state. However, many families see the value in incorporating religion in a child's school day. 79% of private schools affiliate with a religion. The most popular religious affiliations are nondenominational and Catholic. These schools not only allow religion in the classroom- they include religion class, church, and prayer as part of the routine. For people that want to send their children to a private school but without an emphasis on religion, they have options as well.  

Larger Parental Involvement

Private schools generally make more of a point to build a relationship with a student's parents. Teachers communicate with parents more often and the school informs parents on events and other relevant information about the school. When a parent is well informed about their child's education and school, they can ensure that the child is keeping up with their responsibilities. 

Higher Expectations

Private schools have higher expectations for the students. Academics are more difficult. Many private schools have graduation requirements that exceed the government requirements. Also, they are much stricter.. Major behavior at private school will lead to expulsion much more quickly than the same behavior at a public school. 

Better Resources

Private schools may not get as much government funding, but they make up for it in tuition. This tuition goes to buy better resources (such as computers, libraries, and schoolbooks) for the students.