Business School: Beyond Classes

1 November 2018
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You may have realized lately that starting a business is tough and you want to get an education to prepare yourself properly. Business school can indeed teach you many aspects necessary to start and run profitable businesses. However, more than attending classes, you should also be prepping yourself for your entrepreneurial life with these actions.

Find a Mentor

One fantastic part of a business school education is that you're taught by instructors who have expertise in various areas of business. Rather than ignoring them when class isn't in session, look to your teachers to find a mentor. A mentor can be invaluable to a new entrepreneur. They provide guidance, offer feedback, and give you the details necessary to avoid certain business pitfalls. Mentors may help you reach success faster, as you can draw on their experience to make your own experiences better.

When selecting a mentor, focus on those teachers who are similar to you in some way. For example, if you dream of building a jewelry business, mentors who are themselves artists and creators could be appropriate. You may also want to focus on a mentor who isn't necessarily similar to you as far as business goals, but has the same philosophies and values you do.

Join Professional Organizations

While in business school, look for ways to learn more about your chosen field or industry. Professional organizations can be useful and they often offer student discounts. These organizations also tend to have internships and job listings not open to the public.

Network with Peers

The people sitting in your classes aren't just warm bodies. They could be captains of industry tomorrow. Try to turn classmates into friends by attending study groups, social functions and business conferences together. By networking with fellow students, you may find future business partners, customers, and other people who will propel your business in the future.

Choose the Right Electives

Your business school may have a comprehensive core group of required classes, but most programs leave some flexibility so that you can take electives. Many people take elective classes which interest them personally or relate to their future goals. However, it may be a smart choice to take elective courses that allow you to improve on your weaknesses. For example, if you know that you aren't very good at public speaking, your first instinct could be to avoid any speaking courses. Taking a public speaking class can help you get over your fears and misgivings. By improving in areas where you're weak, you can be more well-rounded when you leave school.

With these suggestions, a business school education can be especially rewarding. Focus on classes, use these tips and look forward to a bright future in business.